Exclusive Networking for Servant Leaders 


Meeting places vary.  We typically meet at member company conference rooms. Lunch or a meal is served to keep you from missing personal time. 

Agendas are usually a single topic or follow on OR can be completely hijacked by personal member issue or private work related concern.   This is where the HERD is VERY different from your other networks.

Don't just network...be heard!

  • Servant Leaders
  • Diverse backgrounds
  • Technologically savvy
  • Thinkers
  • Philanthropists

Meetings involve provocative discussion topics, free of filibusters and hidden agendas.  When possible, member emphasize paying it forward. NO SALES PITCHES!  Membership sizes not to exceed 20 - 25 members, with a goal of 15 routine attendees to ensure everyone has a voice.  Members must attend three (3) meetings per year, or exit the HERD.  $10 monthly dues for charity and meeting costs (collected annually).  



To develop and enhance diverse servant led relationships that expose the qualities of its members through a collaborative, mutually beneficial, value based networking.

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